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How do I add a Google Meet link to my meetings?

Google Meet is a videoconferencing tool developed by Google. By adding Google Meet links to the meetings you book through Doodle, you have a quick and handy way to meet with your participants remotely. Both  you and your participants will have access to the link via the calendar event in your Google calendars. 
In order for a Google Meet link to be automatically added to your booked meetings, make sure you check the following: 
  • Connect your Google Calendar to Doodle under your account settings. Read how to do so here. Without a connected Google Calendar, no Google Meet link will be added to your meetings.

  • If you're part of a cooperate Google account, Google Meet has to be enabled by your G-Suite administrator

  • Make sure you do not have any other conferencing tool toggled on in your doodle account settings. 

The Google Meet link will always be added to your booked events as long as the Google calendar is connected  to Doodle. It is not possible to disconnect this feature when you have connected a private Google Calendar to Doodle and selected it as your main calendar. 

Check out this short video below for more information: 



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