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How do I connect my calendar with Doodle?

See your own appointments when creating and participating in polls, and have your Doodle appointments sync directly to your calendar. 

*No one else will have access to your calendar - your appointments are only visible to you.

*Doodle 1:1 and Bookable Calendar appointments will not sync with, nor show availability for, calendars connected via ICS feed. 

  • Check out the short video below to see how to connect your calendar with Doodle 


Google Calendar

  • Click the "Google" button
  • Log into your Google account 
  • Allow access. 

Office 365 / / Microsoft Exchange

  • Click the 'Office 365/' button
  • Log into your Microsoft account.
  • Allow access.

NOTE: It is unfortunately not possible to connect with calendars which are hosted on-premises. For example, with on-premise Microsoft Exchange.

Apple Calendar

With Apple's Calendar app you can have your Doodle appointments sync to your calendar. Due to restrictions from Apple, it is unfortunately not possible to see your own appointments when scheduling with Doodle.

Yahoo and many others 

Many online calendars can be connected by using ICS feed.


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