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VAT number validation for EU Businesses

When selecting a European billing address and purchasing Premium Doodle as a business, you will be prompted to enter your VAT details.

We are obligated to validate all VAT numbers. We use the VIES service which is provided by the EU.
We only accept intra-Community VAT numbers which are successfully validated by VIES.

VAT Validation issues

If the VAT number you enter never validates, please try validating it here. Chances are that either the service is not available or the VAT number you have is not an intra-community one.

Since we rely on the VIES service to validate VAT numbers and are legally obligated to do so, at times VAT validation fails if the service is not available.

For frequently asked questions related to VAT number validations and the formats each member state prescribe, you can find the FAQ here.

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