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Payment Integrations Testing Community FAQ
Payment Integrations Testing Community FAQ

Learn more about the planned payment integration and how to join the payment integration testing community.

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Thank you for your interest in learning more about how to collect payments from your Doodle participants! This FAQ will answer some common questions about the payment integration we are building and the Doodle testing community.

Information about the payment integration

What are we building?

  • Doodle is currently building an integration for Stripe. Once released, you will be able to connect your existing Stripe account, or create a new one, with your Doodle account, enabling the option to collect payments when someone books time with you.

What is Stripe?

  • Stripe is a global payment processing solution founded in 2010. Millions of companies, from solo entrepreneurs to global enterprises, use Stripe online to accept payments, grow revenue, and streamline their scheduling and billing processes into a single motion.

How will Stripe and Doodle work together?

  • Put simply, integrating Stripe with your Doodle account will allow you to automatically collect payment for the meetings your participants schedule with you during the scheduling process. In alignment with Doodle's company vision to "Own your time", we aim make your workflows more efficient by introducing this new feature. In addition to simplified scheduling and payment, you will reduce no-shows and save time used for manual payment work to invest in more creative work.

Information about the testing community

Who can participate in the testing community?

  • Any Doodle user with a free or professional account who is interested in collecting payments can participate in the testing community.

Do I need a Stripe account to join the testing community?

  • No, an existing Stripe account is not required to join the testing community.

How do I join the testing community?

  • You can join the payment integration testing community by confirming your information on the webform. All we need is your name and email. Please note that while the webform will auto-populate with the email associated with your Doodle account, you are allowed to provide a different email if you wish.

How much time will the testing activities take?

  • First, we will conduct a testing session to guide you through our initial design concept and gather your first impressions. Next, we will refine this concept and schedule a longer session to examine a more concrete design. We anticipate that most testing activities during the first phase will take 10-15 minutes each. The second phase in which we will beta test the fully functional system may require a longer time commitment. Participating in the beta testing group will grant you first access to this time-saving and profit-boosting enhancement, offering all beta testers a competitive advantage.

Do I need to participate in each test?

  • You will not be under any obligation to participate in each test.

Who will contact me?

  • A Doodle User Research Team member will reach out to you via email with next steps. The Doodle User Research Team email is [email protected]. Please either mark this email as a ‘safe sender’ or keep an eye out for an email from this address.

Will I need to provide my own financial details to participate?

  • We will begin by conducting usability tests to ensure the payment integration design is simple, intuitive, and effective. For these usability tests, you will not need to provide your financial details.

    As the integration is developed, we will need to verify that it is functioning correctly. For this phase of testing, you will be required to connect a Stripe account to your Doodle account. Financial details will be applied to the Stripe account, not your Doodle account, and only the financial details required to use Stripe will be required. All financial details will be populated to the production Stripe system, with all security rules applied. The only information we are going to exchange with Stripe is statuses of the transactions.

What are the system requirements for testing payment integrations?

  • The system requirements for using Doodle are sufficient for joining the testing community.

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