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Doodle for health and wellness professionals
Doodle for health and wellness professionals

Learn how Doodle can help reception staff, physicians, therapists and more with time-saving and easy to use scheduling solutions.

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Healthcare is a collaborative effort. From scheduling appointments to wellness retreats to medical study cohorts, finding the right time to get people together is crucial for achieving success. With Doodle, everyone from reception staff, physicians, therapists, and their patients can save time and get back to what matters most.

Doodle emphasizes privacy and security in its scheduling process. Health professionals can feel confident using Doodle for scheduling confidential or sensitive one-on-one appointments because it is HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

What is Doodle?

Doodle is a web-based app that makes scheduling meetings easier than ever before. Scheduling meetings becomes streamlined, eliminating the waiting, double-booking, and the email back-and-forth by taking advantage of Doodle's scheduling features: Group Poll, Booking Page, and 1:1.

Best of all, Doodle is easy to use and only takes a couple of minutes to get set up!

Who is using Doodle?

Every day, thousands of people rely on Doodle to help them manage their busy calendars. Health and wellness professionals who trust Doodle with solving their scheduling needs for their patients, clients and colleagues include:

Medical professionals in private practice:

  • Physicians, dentists, therapists, dietitians, and other healthcare providers who establish and run their own private practices or clinics.

Fitness and wellness entrepreneurs:

  • Individuals who own and operate fitness studios, wellness centers, or health spas, offering services like personal training, yoga, nutrition counseling, and holistic wellness programs.

Healthcare and longterm care facilities:

  • Retirement communities, clinics, outpatient centers, rehabilitation centers, or specialty care centers offering services by individual appointment or on a longterm basis.

With Doodle, you have many powerful scheduling tools and solutions, and Booking Page and Group Poll are particularly well-suited for health and wellness professionals.

Booking Page use cases for health professionals

Doodle's Booking Page is a feature that allows health professionals to create a personalized booking link, making it easy for patients or clients to schedule appointments such as:

  • New patient intake

  • Medical services (e.g. flu shots, sports massage, acupuncture)

  • Follow up appointments

  • Physical therapy sessions

Booking Page benefits for health professionals

Doodle's Booking Page is a powerful meeting management solution, packed with useful tools to make scheduling easy for you and your patients. Here are just some of the powerful features and benefits you will enjoy with Booking Page:

Centralized booking platform:

  • Doodle's Booking Page serves as a centralized scheduling hub where health professionals can share their availability for appointments. Patients enjoy self-service access the booking page, allowing you and your team to focus on patient health outcomes. Booking Page is easy to set up and customize to reflect your availability preferences, including specifying appointment durations, appointment frequency, and much more.

Customizable intake questions:

  • Professionals can create a customizable booking form within Doodle, collecting essential information from patients during the scheduling process. This may include patient details, reason for the appointment, or any specific requirements. This way, the patient will receive more focused care and you can reach more patients per day.

Video conferencing integrations:

  • Doodle's Booking Page integrates with virtual meeting tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and more. If virtual appointments are part of the health professional's practice, patients can receive meeting details immediately upon booking.

24/7 accessibility:

  • Patients have the flexibility to access the Booking Page at any time. This can be especially helpful for individuals with busy schedules, unusual working hours, or those who simply prefer to schedule appointments outside regular business hours. What’s more, Doodle is accessible on mobile devices, making it easy for health professionals and their clients or patients to schedule appointments on the go.

Privacy and security:

  • Doodle emphasizes privacy and security in its scheduling process. Health professionals can feel confident using the platform for scheduling confidential or sensitive one-on-one appointments.

Client/patient engagement:

  • Allowing patients or clients to choose from available time slots can enhance engagement and satisfaction. It empowers them to take an active role in their healthcare scheduling.

Group Poll use cases for health professionals

Doodle's Group Poll feature can be particularly useful for health professionals when coordinating schedules with multiple team members, colleagues, or groups of patients.

Here's how Doodle's Group Poll can benefit health professionals with scheduling:

Coordinating team meetings:

  • Health professionals often work in teams, and scheduling meetings with multiple team members can be challenging. Doodle's Group Poll simplifies this process by allowing the meeting organizer to propose various time slots and have team members vote on the most convenient time for a meeting.

Facilitating collaboration:

  • For collaborative projects or interdisciplinary healthcare teams, Group Poll can help find suitable meeting times that accommodate the availability of all involved professionals. This fosters better collaboration and communication.

Patient group scheduling:

  • Health professionals working with groups of patients, such as support groups or educational sessions, can use Doodle's Group Poll to identify the most suitable times for these sessions. This ensures that the scheduling meets the needs and preferences of the patient group.

Get started with Doodle today

It only takes a minute to open a Doodle Pro or free Doodle account and begin saving time immediately. Learn more about how to open an account by watching the video below, or click here to review our free and Professional plans.

Doodle Professional benefits include:

  • Advanced Group Poll settings - set deadlines and hide participant's votes from others (when privacy is essential)

  • Unlimited use of Doodle 1:1

  • Multiple booking pages - use different booking pages to connect with parents, students, colleagues, and more

  • Custom branding - apply your school colors, mascot, or seal to your profile and automated correspondence

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