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How calendar connection works with Sign-up Sheet
How calendar connection works with Sign-up Sheet

Enable your calendar connection with your sign-up sheet event to take advantage of power automations.

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Sign-up Sheet event organizers have the option to enable or disable their calendar connection for each individual sign-up sheet. Your choice will impact certain functions and features of your sign-up sheet for you and your participants.

How to enable your calendar connection

When you connect a calendar to your Doodle account, you will have the choice to enable or disable the calendar connection within each sign-up sheet.


  1. Create a sign-up sheet

  2. Click to expand the ‘Connected Calendar’ dropdown menu

  3. Select your calendar connection preference

Enabling your calendar connection

When you enable a connected calendar with your sign-up sheet, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • All sign-up sheet participants will receive a calendar invite for each registered session

  • Unique video conferencing links are applied to each calendar invite (when video conferencing is enabled)

  • Scheduled sessions will be applied to your connected calendar

  • Increased turnout for your scheduled events


Once you have created a sign-up sheet using a calendar connection, we recommend you do not disconnect your calendar.

If the calendar is disconnected from the sign-up sheet after there are bookings to any session, every participant will receive a cancellation email and the session will be removed from their calendar.

Good to know:

  • As the sign-up sheet organizer, deleting the session from your calendar will not delete the event from the sign-up sheet or affect the calendar event for the registered participants

Disabling your calendar connection

When you disable your calendar connection, please be aware of the following:

  • Sign-up sheet participants will need to manually add their enrollment in a session to their calendar

  • Video conferencing links will not automatically be distributed to sign-up sheet participants

  • Scheduled sessions will not be applied to your calendar

To get the most out of sign-up sheets and your Doodle account, we recommend connecting your calendar to your Doodle account and enabling your calendar with each sign-up sheet.

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