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Doodle for entrepreneurs
Doodle for entrepreneurs

Learn how Doodle can help entrepreneurs with time-saving and easy to use scheduling solutions.

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Entrepreneurs operate in every industry imaginable, but one thing unifies them all: they are always busy. From developing their product, finding clients, managing the books, providing consultations and more, it hardly feels like there is time enough to get it all done. With Doodle, entrepreneurs around the world are optimizing their scheduling and finding time to do it all - and do it better.

What is Doodle?

Doodle is a web-based app that makes scheduling meetings easier than ever before. Scheduling meetings becomes streamlined, eliminating the waiting, double booking, and the email back-and-forth.

Best of all, Doodle is easy to use and only takes a couple of minutes to get set up!

Booking Page use cases for entrepreneurs

Booking Page is our automated meeting scheduling solution. You connect your calendar to your Doodle account, set the rules by which your calendar will be scanned for availability, and people with access to your Booking Page link can book time with you.

This clever automation allows you to passively accept bookings, eliminating the email back-and-forth and ensures you are never double-booked.

Booking Page excels in hands-off scheduling for recurring meeting types, such as:

  • Meetings with existing clients

  • Initial consultations

  • Investor pitches

Already have a Doodle account and want to try booking page? Click here to begin.

Sign-up Sheet use cases for entrepreneurs

Sign-up Sheet is Doodle's newest scheduling solution. With Sign-up Sheet, entrepreneurs can offer their target audience the opportunity to enroll in one or more sessions. The Sign-up Sheet participants will review the array of sessions and enroll in the ones that interest them.

Sign-up sheet is perfect for:

  • Group presentations

  • One-on-one consultations

  • Hosting events and mixers for your target market.

Already have a Doodle account and want to try Sign-up Sheets? Click here to begin.

Group Poll use cases for entrepreneurs

Doodle's Group Poll excels in quickly bringing groups of people together for important meetings at the date and time that works best for everyone.

Use Group Poll to quickly and efficiently schedule group events, such as:

  • Product demonstrations

  • Monthly networking meet-ups

  • Joint presentations

Already have a Doodle account and want to try Group Poll? Click here to begin.

Custom branding with Doodle Professional

With Doodle Professional, you can customize your Doodle profile to align your brand standards to your Doodle instance. You can add your photo or logo to your profile, as well as your company color ways. Your custom branding will be applied to your invites and booking pages, extending your brand and professional polish to your booking experience.

Already have Doodle Professional? Click here to set up your branding today.

Get started with Doodle today

It only takes a minute to open a Doodle Pro or free Doodle account and begin saving time immediately. Learn more about how to open an account by watching the video below, or click here to review our free and Professional plans.

Doodle Professional benefits for entrepreneurs:

  • Advanced Group Poll settings - set deadlines and protect client privacy

  • Unlimited use of Doodle 1:1

  • Multiple booking pages - use different booking pages to connect with clients, industry partners, and leads

  • Increase your reach - send your group poll or booking page link to 1,000 people at once

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