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Recommended browser and in-app settings for Doodle
Recommended browser and in-app settings for Doodle

Learn more about which actions you can take in-app and in your browser to ensure Doodle works correctly for you and your participants.

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To ensure that you experience everything that Doodle has to offer, we recommend you review and apply some settings to your browser and to your Doodle account.

Recommended Doodle settings

To access your Doodle account settings:

  1. Click the dropdown menu from the top right of your Doodle dashboard

  2. Select ‘Account settings’

  3. Select ‘Profile’

From Profile, check your language and default timezone settings to ensure they are indicated correctly.

Additionally, we recommend you connect your calendar to your Doodle account. With your calendar connected to your Doodle account, you can:

  1. See when you are already busy, eliminating double bookings

  2. Access Booking Page, which uses advanced automations to accelerate hands-off scheduling

  3. Automatically send invitations to everyone you schedule meetings with

  4. Unlock the potential of Doodle’s video conferencing integrations

Recommended browser settings

To enjoy everything Doodle has to offer, we recommend the following browser settings

  • Enable JavaScript

  • Enable cookies in your preferred browser

  • Disable any ad-blockers (free users only)

How do these settings impact my Doodle experience?

JavaScript must be enabled. If it is not, you can still participate in polls (in a bare-bones view), but cannot create polls. Modern websites and modern browsers rely heavily on Javascript. In order to provide the best possible user experience there is no way around using Javascript.

Enabling cookies ensures that you are able to access the support widget when you are logged in to your Doodle account. The support widget provides access to every article in our Help Center, access to our AI-assisted chatbot, and the opportunity to read the latest news and updates to Doodle.

Finally, if you use Free Doodle, disabling your ad-blocker will ensure that the product performs as expected. Certain pages may not load completely with an ad-blocker enabled.

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