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How can I verify that someone participated in my group poll?
How can I verify that someone participated in my group poll?

Having trouble seeing a participant's response? Check your email for notifications or review the poll responses in your Doodle event.

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Has this happened to you? You invite someone to participate in your group poll and they say they already did but you cannot see their response? It’s OK - we are here to help!

If this sounds familiar, follow these steps:

Check your email

Anytime someone participates in your group poll, Doodle sends an email to the group poll organizer. The email will feature the name of the poll participant and the name of the event, so searching your email is a snap.

Check your email settings in Doodle

If you do not see an email confirming an individual's registration, double check your email settings under 'Notifications' in your Doodle account settings. If the toggle is switched on (green), you will receive an email every time someone responds to your group poll.

If the email toggle is on in your Doodle account settings and you cannot find any emails from Doodle, please review this article, which covers other potential reasons why you are not seeing any emails.

Review your poll responses in your Doodle event

In order to be as flexible as possible, Doodle allows participants to choose any name during participation. One of your participants may have entered a nickname instead of their legal name.

Confirm the participant completed the form successfully

Sometimes poll participants do not successfully complete the poll invite. For example, they might enter their availability but fail to submit their availability to the event organizer. If you do not see an email from Doodle confirming the individual has participated and you do not see a known nickname in the poll responses, it is likely that the participant simply needs to complete their poll response.

If you believe this is the case, this link details everything poll participants need to know to successfully reply to your poll invite.

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