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How do I fix a broken calendar connection?
How do I fix a broken calendar connection?

Resolve calendar connection issues with Doodle by reauthorizing your calendar. Follow simple steps to reconnect and get back on track.

Updated over a week ago

Occasionally, the connection between Doodle and a connected calendar is broken. In most cases, this occurs when the authorization token for your calendar has expired. To resolve this issue, the owner of the calendar account must reauthorize the application when refresh tokens expire.

To reconnect a calendar with an expired token, follow these steps:

  1. Click ‘Manage’ beneath the affected calendar

  2. Click ‘Reconnect’

  3. Enter your calendar credentials

  4. Click ‘Next’

  5. Click ‘Allow’

If your calendar connection is disrupted and the token is not expired, try following these steps to resolve the disruption:

  1. Clear your internet cache/cookies from your browser settings

  2. Log in to your Doodle account

  3. Open ‘Account settings’

  4. Open ‘Connected calendars’

  5. Disconnect your connected calendar

  6. Refresh the page

  7. Reconnect the calendar

  8. Log out of your Doodle account

  9. Log back in to your Doodle account

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