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How is the new dashboard organized?
How is the new dashboard organized?

Discover the new Doodle dashboard with organized sections: My Doodles and Upcoming Events. Easily manage and share events and invitations.

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The new Doodle dashboard, also known as Dashboard Beta, reimagines the classic Doodle dashboard, bringing productivity enhancing features, a clean design, and direct access to our Sign-up Sheet Beta, making it your home base for all your scheduling needs.

The new Doodle dashboard is organized into two main sections:

  • My Doodles

  • Upcoming Events

About My Doodles

My Doodles are defined as invitations that have links you can share. This includes:

  • The events you have created and are not yet booked

  • Your booking page(s)

  • Group polls in which you have participated and for which the organizer has not yet selected a final date

Your full history of Doodles can be found under 'See all Doodles'. To See all Doodles

  1. Click 'See all Doodles'

  2. Find your Doodles using the filters or the title search tool bar

Good to know

  • To manage your events in the ‘My Doodles’ section, click on the three dot icon and select the action you wish to take from the revealed menu.

  • Once the organizer of a group poll in which you have participated selects a final date, all information will appear under 'Upcoming Events'.

About Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events are defined as events you have scheduled using Doodle. This includes:

  • The events you created and booked

  • Events you booked with other Doodle users

You can filter your events to show just the upcoming events or past events. To filter your Upcoming Events:

  1. Click 'See all Events'

  2. Click 'Upcoming' or 'Past'

About the support widget

Are you new to Doodle and want to learn more about how to use the product? Are you a seasoned user and want to stay apprised of upcoming features and releases? Doodle's support widget helps with all this and more!

From the support widget, you can:

  • Read from our library of help articles

  • Access interactive product feature tours

  • Get 24/7 help from our advanced AI assistant

  • Learn about the latest product enhancements

  • Contact our Support team

To access our support widget, simply click on the question mark icon on the bottom left of your dashboard.

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