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How do I review participation in my sign-up sheet?
How do I review participation in my sign-up sheet?

Review individual session participation in your sign-up sheet. Access individual enrollment details or export all data in just a few clicks.

Updated over a week ago

Sign-up Sheet organizers can review enrollment in two ways:

  1. Exporting all enrollment data to an XLSX document

  2. Obtaining individual session data from the sign-up sheet summary screen

How to export enrollment data to an XLSX document

  1. Locate the sign-up sheet from which you would like to export the participant data

  2. Click the three dot icon

  3. Select 'Export'

Your sign-up sheet data will be exported to your 'Downloads' folder as an Excel document. Now you can easily visualize all responses, filter by respondent, time slot and more.

How to obtain session enrollment data without exporting

  1. From the dashboard, click on the sign-up sheet you want to obtain session enrollment from.

  2. Click on the enrollment for a session to reveal the enrollment details.

  3. Click 'Copy emails' to copy each email associated with a specific session.

With the session email list on your clipboard, you can paste the list into the 'To' field on an email, into a spreadsheet, and more.

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