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How to use calendar subscriptions
How to use calendar subscriptions

Maximize your calendar subscriptions with Doodle - ensure availability, coordinate meetings, and book events effortlessly.

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Calendar subscriptions can be viewed in Doodle when creating a group poll or 1:1 meeting, or scanned for mutual availability when creating a booking page. Leveraging your calendar subscriptions is helpful for:

  • ensuring all proposed times work for a certain individual

  • coordinating meeting times with multiple presenters

  • booking events on behalf of others

You can subscribe to a calendar from your preferred calendar application such as Google Calendar, Microsoft 365, or iCloud calendar. Please note that you cannot establish a new calendar subscription from within your Doodle account.

The process for subscribing to another calendar varies between calendar applications. We recommend conducting a web search for the latest calendar subscription instructions for your preferred calendar application.

Learn more about how to use your calendar subscriptions with Doodle:

Watch the video below to learn more about how to use your calendar subscriptions with Doodle.

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