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List of data subprocessors
List of data subprocessors

Discover Doodle's authorized Subprocessors for secure data processing, including AWS, Intercom, Google Analytics, and more.

Updated over a week ago

Below, you can find Doodle's current list of Subprocessors authorized to process customer data for Doodle's services:

  • Amazon Web Services, Inc | Cloud Hosting Provider | Germany, Ireland

  • Chargebee | Payment Processing | USA

  • Intercom | Email Delivery | Ireland

  • Google Analytics | Analytics | USA

  • Growthbook | Feature Flagging and A/B Testing | Germany, Ireland, USA

  • Microsoft | Behaviour Analytics | Germany, Ireland

  • MongoDB Atlas | Cloud Database | Germany, Ireland

  • Twilio Sendgrid | Email Delivery | USA

  • Zapier | Customer Support | USA

  • Zendesk | Customer Support | Ireland

If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected].

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