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A message is indicating I need to update my browser
A message is indicating I need to update my browser

Upgrade your browser for the best Doodle experience. Enjoy full functionality and view poll results with the latest version.

Updated over a week ago

If you are using Firefox, please read here.

You are using an outdated browser - possibly Internet Explorer or an old version of Firefox, which are no longer supported by Doodle.

Make sure to upgrade your browser to a newer version. As older browsers are not displaying Doodle polls correctly anymore, we are now redirecting users with those browser versions to a minimalist Doodle version that allows participation in polls.

Participation in a poll is not limited by their browser and users will be directed to the minimalist Doodle experience if they have an outdated browser.

To enjoy the full functionalities of Doodle and to view the poll result you need an up-to-date browser (latest iterations of Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari …)

You can check here to see which is the latest version available for your browser:

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