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Why did I get an email from Doodle?
Why did I get an email from Doodle?

Manage your Doodle group polls and 1:1 meetings efficiently with ease. Create, unsubscribe, report spam - all in one place.

Updated over a week ago

You probably received an email from Doodle because you have created a Doodle group poll or a 1:1 meeting on our website or someone you know has invited you to participate in a poll.

If you did not create a poll or a 1:1 meeting, somebody could have used your email by accident. In that case, please ignore the email or unsubscribe from the poll or 1:1 meeting with the link at the footer of the email.

If you do not know the person inviting you to the poll, please ignore the email or contact us if you suspect abuse. You can also report the poll as spam directly in the email invitation with one click. We can then easily remove the poll if spam is suspected.

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