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Why do I not receive any emails from Doodle?
Why do I not receive any emails from Doodle?

Discover the possible reasons why you're not receiving emails from Doodle. Check spam filters, email forwarding, whitelisting, and more.

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Possible reasons

There could be a few reasons why you generally do not receive emails from Doodle:

  • You have a Junk/SPAM filter. Maybe a spam filter in your email application or internet provider is flagging Doodle emails as spam. Check your filter and see if our emails are there. If so, add [email protected] to your email whitelist to ensure our emails arrive in your inbox in the future.

  • Automatic forwarding. It could also be that your email account automatically forwards your emails to another address. In many cases, this forwarding is blocked by the email server. Try using an email address that does not automatically forward emails.

  • Blocked server. Some companies block international emails. We are grounded in Switzerland. You can ask your IT to whitelist our servers. They can also add "[email protected]" to their address book.

  • Typo in email address. Perhaps you made a typo when writing in your email address. It happens occasionally although we try to detect it. It’s best to sign up for a free Doodle account to make sure your email address is always correct and for easier access to your polls and notifications.

  • Smartphone email settings. Do you use the Doodle app for the smartphones? It’s possible that the notification setting on your device is set to 'push notifications'. Here you can adjust the settings to email notifications.

Activation email

A very common reason for a no-show of the activation email is that you have already signed up with that same email address in the past. In that case, simply reset your password here. If that is not the case, try the steps described above. Otherwise, feel free to contact us.

Note: Please wait a few hours before you take any action. Email can be an unreliable means of communication. It is (rare, however) possible that an email takes minutes or hours to be delivered.

Unfortunately, we cannot resend Doodle emails or Doodle links to you manually. This violates our policy which states that this information is to be treated as confidential and private.

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