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Service Level Agreement
Service Level Agreement

Get the best from your subscription with Doodle's Service Level Agreement. Contact us for prompt support and enjoy guaranteed availability.

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Service Level Agreement

1. Introduction

1.1 This Service Level Agreement (hereinafter "SLA") reflects the service level targets granted by Doodle to the User of a fee-based subscription (other than Doodle Enterprise Users). The terms of this SLA are incorporated in our general terms and conditions in full by reference and by clicking on the prompt or box prior to the use of the Services, or by using the Services, whichever comes first, you agree to be bound by the terms of our GTC including without limitation the terms of this SLA, as may be amended by Doodle from time to time. Capitalized terms that are not defined herein shall have the meaning assigned to them in our GTC. Unless otherwise agreed by Doodle in writing, Doodle Enterprise Users shall be bound to the terms of their respective Hosted Services Agreement which includes a Service Level Addendum.

1.2 The various fee-based services are subject to different service levels, which are specified in more detail below.

2. Contact and response times

2.1 Faults and other requests may be sent to the following email address: [email protected]. Doodle shall endeavor to respond as quickly as possible to requests concerning faults and to remedy any existing faults. Except for Doodle Premium Enterprise customers, no timeframe has been agreed for responding to a request.

2.2 [Users with a Doodle Premium Enterprise subscription are assigned a personal contact person from the Premium Support Team who provides technical and product-specific support. In doing so, Doodle assures a response time depending on the fault level per the following table.] The fault level is determined solely by Doodle: The following applies to Doodle Premium Users except Doodle Enterprise Users:

Classification of the fault by degree:

Severity 1: Critical fault on account of which a large number of Users can no longer use the services properly.

Severity 2: Fault on account of which a large number of Users can use the services with below-average performance or a short interruption.

Severity 3: Minor fault on account of which the proper use of the services is only slightly restricted.

[Response times for Doodle Enterprise Users (Mon-Fri, 3am to 11pm US EST)

Severity Response time Severity 1 <6 hours Severity 2 <12 hours Severity 3 <12 hours]

Response times for other Doodle Premium Users:

Severity Response time Severity 1 <24 hours Severity 2 <24 hours Severity 3 < no response time agreed

3. Introduction and training

3.1 Users with a Doodle Premium Enterprise Account are offered a one-time free introduction to Doodle (up to a maximum of three hours). The date and time shall be solely determined by Doodle. 3.2 If necessary, a Doodle Premium Enterprise User may agree to additional training on application cases with Doodle, which may be subject to a fee depending on the arrangement made in the applicable Hosted Services Agreement.

4. Availability

4.1 Doodle strives to keep the services available at all times but does not guarantee availability except to Users with a Doodle Premium Enterprise Account.

4.2 Doodle offers Users with a Doodle Premium Enterprise account an annual availability of 99.5% for the Services. Downtime is defined as the total number of minutes per year in which the Doodle Services are unavailable. Doodle is responsible for measuring availability directly or through a third party engaged by Doodle. The status of availability can be viewed anytime at

4.3 Doodle occasionally performs maintenance work so that the Services can continue to run smoothly, as Doodle deems necessary. These scheduled downtimes shall be communicated to Users with Doodle Premium subscriptions within a reasonable time.

4.4 The following do not count as downtime:

  • Breakdowns for which Doodle is not responsible (including internet or other network disruptions or force majeure);

  • If functions run more slowly than usual or are otherwise negligibly impaired, i.e., use of the services is still possible;

  • Problems with integration;

  • External network or device problems beyond Doodle’s reasonable control, e.g., incorrect routing tables between the internet service provider and Doodle’s server or if the breakdown is due to other faults in the User’s systems;

  • Planned downtime for maintenance work.

4.5 In the event of non-compliance with the guaranteed service level availability, Doodle shall grant the compensation to the respective Doodle User, if such has been agreed to by Doodle in a separate agreement pursuant to the terms of such agreement.

5. Changes to this SLA

5.1 We may make changes to this Service Level Agreement at any time in accordance with our GTC.

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