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Adding members with a CSV file
Adding members with a CSV file

Easily add Members to your Team subscription by uploading a CSV file. Learn how to do it and track invitations in this guide.

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To add Members by uploading a CSV file:

  1. Click on 'Members' on the left side menu of the admin settings

  2. Click 'Invite members' in the top right corner.

  3. Select 'Import CSV file' in the pop-up window.

From here you can either upload an existing CSV file or view an example CVS file to learn how to add members.

The following scheme applies for the CSV file:



John Doe

Jane Doe

  • Email is a required column header

  • Name is an optional column header

You can then choose to have a detailed report of the upload sent to your email address. Your invitees will be notified and you can track their invitations directly under the 'Members' tab. You can also add members via email. More info here.

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