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Discover the apps and integrations available for your subscription type. Choose from Enterprise or Team to access the features you need.

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The available apps and integrations in your admin settings vary depending on your subscription type. Select your subscription below

Enterprise Apps and Integrations

If you have an Enterprise subscription, the owner of your account can enable SSO and an API for the organization. Owners and managers can give/revoke access to the Zoom integration.

If SSO or the API is enabled it will apply to all members without the members needing to take any action. If Zoom is enabled, each member will connect their Zoom account in their personal Doodle account settings.

From your admin account settings, click 'Apps & Integrations' on the left side menu.

SSO: Enable all your members to sign in with a single set of credentials. Click 'Enable' to fill out the form for SSO. Our security team will reach out to you shortly after the successful setup. You can disable SSO at any time under this tab as well.

API: We offer on-demand API integrations for our Enterprise customers. Simply click 'Enable' to reach our contact form. You will get in touch with our sales team to set up an API that fits your organization's needs.

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Webex: With Doodle's Zoom/Microsoft Teams/Webex integrations, you can enable a conference link to be added automatically to every meeting that gets booked through Doodle. When you enable this in the admin settings of your organization, every member will be able to connect their Zoom/Microsoft Teams/Webex account to Doodle.

Team Apps and Integrations

If you have a Team subscription, the Owner of your account can give/revoke access to the Zoom and Microsoft Teams integrations. If Zoom/Microsoft Teams is enabled, each member can connect their Zoom account in their Doodle account settings.

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