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How do I share my booking page?
How do I share my booking page?

Easily share your booking page via link or email invitation. Distribute the link or send personalized email invitations to participants.

Updated over a week ago

After you have set up your booking page you can share your booking page either via link sharing or email invitation.

Share via link sharing:

  1. Locate the booking page tile on your dashboard

  2. Click 'Copy link'

  3. Distribute the link as you see fit

Note: the most common way to share a booking page link is via email, but you can also share it via Slack, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, or hyperlink it to your email signature, company website, corporate directory and more.

Share via email invitation (requires a Doodle Professional Plan):

  1. Open your booking page from your dashboard

  2. Click on 'More'

  3. Click on 'Email invitation'

  4. Enter the emails of your participants

  5. Edit the invitation message if needed

  6. Click 'Send'

Note: when you email the invitation via Doodle, the sender will always show as 'Doodle' in the invite recipient's inbox. Make sure your invitees know to interact with these emails to respond to your group poll.

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