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How do I find my poll invite list and poll responses?
How do I find my poll invite list and poll responses?

Learn how to manage your poll invite list based on how you shared your poll. Find out where to find invitees' emails and view responses.

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How you review your poll invite list depends on how you shared your poll.

Group poll organizers can share their poll either by sharing their poll link from their own email or by using Doodle’s ‘Email invitation’ function.

If you used ‘Share invite

  • If you used the ‘Share invite’ option and emailed your poll from your email account, your invite list can be found in your email. From your ’Sent’ items, review the list of emails featured in the ‘To’, ‘CC’ and ‘BCC’ fields.

  • As people respond to your poll, their name and responses will be featured on your poll summary screen. Click the page icon to reveal their email.

If you used ‘Email invitation’

You will always see the list of invitees directly in the group poll when you invite your participants using the 'email invitation' function from Doodle.

  • If a participant has voted, the email placeholder is replaced by their name. If you hover the cursor next to their name, their email address will appear. You can click on the icon next to their name to copy the email address if needed.

  • If a participant has not voted yet, you will see their email address as a placeholder until they vote.

What to do if you do not see poll responses

Follow these steps if you do not see any responses to your poll.

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your Doodle account. If you click on the poll link and are not logged in, you will only see your votes.

  2. Once you are confirmed to have logged in to your Doodle account, if one of your poll invitees indicates that they responded and you do not see their response, check your email inbox. Doodle always sends an email whenever anyone responds to your poll. If you do not see an email, it is either because:

  • You have disabled emails from Account Settings > Notifications

  • The invitee did not successfully complete their poll response submission

Good to know

  • Emailing a poll invitation from Doodle requires a Doodle account.

  • If you edit a poll after someone responds to your poll, any new time slot will show a ‘?’ until the individual updates their poll response.

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