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How does the 'if-need-be' group poll response work?
How does the 'if-need-be' group poll response work?

The if-need-be response maximizes flexibility for group poll participants and assists organizers by indicating secondary preferences.

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If-need-be gives you and your participants the highest level of flexibility as it allows participants to select an option to indicate that it works for them if necessary, but it is not their top preference. This helps organizers decide which option works best for all the participants.

How it works

Participants in a group poll vote by clicking on the box that corresponds to a proposed date and time. Participants will:

  • Click once to indicate that a date and time works well for them (green)

  • Click twice for it to be marked as 'if-need-be' (yellow)

  • Click a third time deselect the option and revert it back to its initial state

This is how an if-need-be selection would look on the poll organizer's poll summary screen ⬇️

Good to know

  • The 'if-need-be' option is automatically enabled and cannot be disabled.

  • If you need your poll participants to respond only with yes or no, we recommend you indicate these and any other instructions in the 'Description' field of the group poll.

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