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How do I export a group poll to Excel?
How do I export a group poll to Excel?

Easily download poll participant data from Doodle Pro, Team, and Enterprise group polls to Excel for organized viewing and analysis.

Updated over a week ago

Doodle Pro, Team, and Enterprise users can export poll participant data from group polls to an Excel document, allowing you to view and organize your poll data outside of Doodle in familiar spreadsheet applications such as Excel and Google Sheets.

Exporting to an excel file is a Doodle Professional feature.

Exporting an open group poll:

  1. Open your group poll from your dashboard

  2. Click 'More'

  3. Click 'Export'

Exporting a booked/closed group poll:

  1. Navigate to your Doodle Dashboard

  2. Click on the three vertical dots next to the group poll you want to export

  3. Click 'Export'

Your group poll data will be exported to your 'Downloads' folder as an Excel document. Now you can easily visualize all poll responses, filter by respondent, time slot and more.

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