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Get started with Doodle
Get started with Doodle

New to Doodle? Read on to learn everything you need to start saving time with scheduling today!

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Getting started with Doodle only takes a few minutes, but spending those few minutes now will save you hours of time once you make Doodle a part of your regular scheduling practice.

To begin saving time with scheduling today, follow these steps:

  1. Review system requirements

  2. Create an account with Doodle

  3. Apply your Doodle account settings

  4. Connect your Calendar and video conferencing tools

  5. Complete the ‘Start scheduling with Doodle’ checklist

Review system requirements

Doodle is a web-based application that works in most web browsers, which means you do not need to download or install any software on your computer. Doodle is supported on the latest versions of browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera.

In addition to selecting a supported browser, make sure you:

  • Enable JavaScript

  • Enable cookies in your preferred browser

  • Disable any ad-blockers (free users only)

Create an account with Doodle

Starting an account with Doodle only takes a minute. We have a range of options, from Free Doodle to Doodle Professional available as a monthly or annual subscription.

If you have not yet begun an account with Doodle, start today. If you already have an account, read on!

Confirm your Doodle account settings

  1. Click the dropdown menu from the top right of your Doodle dashboard

  2. Select ‘Account settings’

  3. Select ‘Profile’

From Profile, check your language and default timezone settings to ensure they are indicated correctly. While you’re here, add a profile photo!

Connect your calendar and video conferencing tools

While it is possible to use Doodle without connecting your calendar to your account, you miss out on some of Doodle’s most powerful scheduling features and its many time-saving automations.

When you connect your calendar to Doodle, you can:

  • Automatically send calendar invites to participants

  • Automatically sync events to your calendar

  • Connect your preferred video conferencing application

  • Use Booking Page

  • Eliminate double booking

  • See your subscribed calendars

To connect your calendar, select ‘Connected calendars’ from your account settings and follow the prompts. To learn more, watch this brief video:

Complete the ‘Start scheduling with Doodle’ checklist

Meetings come in all shapes and sizes. Learn which Doodle scheduling feature will solve your scheduling problem quickly and on the first try with our onboarding checklist.

To find the checklist, click on the support widget on the bottom of the screen and select ‘Tasks’ to reveal the checklist.

If you have further questions, you may find the answers you are looking for in our Help Center. You can also write to our specialists anytime.

Thanks for reading and enjoy Doodle!

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