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Doodle app: How to create a special poll?

First tap the blue plus button at the bottom of your screen to create the poll. Next fill in the title and then choose your date and time options. Add a location, and some notes to inform everyone what's going on. There are various settings you can define for your poll, if needed.

Advanced settings

Yes, no, if need be

You can give your invitees another option to choose from if they’re busy people. They can select if need be if they can make it to your event but they’d prefer a different option.

One vote per participant

If you also want someone to only be able to choose one option from your list, then you can choose Participant can only choose one option.

Limited Poll

In order to limit the number of participants in one of your date/time slots, you need to select Limit the number of participants per option. If you type "1" participant this means that only 1 participant can choose the option. When the limit you set has been reached and no one else can choose that particular option.

Hidden poll

With this setting all the participants see only their own name and votes. Only you as an organizer get all information. Additionally instead of the standard commenting functionality a participant can only send messages to the organizer.


Combining the two options, Participant can only choose one option and Limit the number of participants per option would mean that your participants can only select 1 option out of all proposed options and every option is only available for 1 participant. If you add hidden poll, you would be the only one that see all the results. The other participants see only their name and votes.

There are various setting combinations possible for your poll.

Tap Done to create the poll. Now, it's time to invite your participants, so they can cast their votes!

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