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What is Smart Suggestion for Doodle group polls?

The Smart Suggestion is a Premium feature for the creation of Doodle group polls. With this tool, Doodle helps you find the best possible times for your poll based on all the data available to us (your calendar availability, scheduling habits, title of your poll, availability of the people connected to your main calendar etc.) 

To enable it, simply click the green button "Add time suggestions" in step 2 of your group poll creation process. Three time suggestions will appear in your poll table - you can delete any of them that you do not want included in the poll, and edit them as you wish (drag them around, or extend the time frame) 



Under "Previewed Calendars", you select your own calendar and the availability of the people connected to your calendar whom you wish to create the meeting with. The suggestions will then be based not only on your availability but that of your participants as well. 

Keep in mind that this is not an invitation - you still have to invite your participants as usual once the poll is finished. The participants will also vote in the poll same as before. 


We only offer slots within your weekday working hours and on week days. Weekend hours are only suggested if you selected it in your settings. 

This new feature will reduce the manual labour of comparing and browsing through the calendars of your invitees to find the right time to meet.  It will enable a smart scheduling experience for the premium organizer. 

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