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How can I join the Doodle Community?
How can I join the Doodle Community?
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At Doodle, we strive to make scheduling solutions that put people first, and there is no better way to make sure that what we build and what we do works as best it can than to bring the Doodle user community together.

If you use Doodle as your scheduling solution, please join our Doodle Community! Doodle Community is a Slack channel meant to bring likeminded Doodle users together to share ideas and get on the inside track for the latest news happening at Doodle.

Members of the Doodle Community will enjoy the following benefits:

  • First access to test new features

  • First access for invitations to product and feature betas

  • Moderated conversations to help you get the most our of your Doodle Plan

  • Provide feedback that will shape the Doodle product

What is happening right now?

Right now, Doodle Community members are enjoying early access to two beta tests:

  • Sign-up Sheets Beta

    • Here’s a glimpse of what Sign-up Sheet participants see when they respond to an event organizer:

  • New Dashboard Beta

    • The Doodle Dashboard you know has been completely reimagined with streamlined styling and productivity features:

We look forward to seeing you on the Doodle Community Slack channel soon!

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