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Create a poll


What is Doodle and how does it work: an introduction

What is Doodle? Doodle is an online scheduling tool that can be used quickly and easily to find a date and time to meet with multiple people. First you suggest dates and times for your event participants to...


How to create a poll?

Open our website ( and click on 'Schedule an event'. Fill in a title, your name etc. and click on 'Next'. The next step is to set your desired dates and options. Either use the calendar view. Or if y...


How can I invite the participants to my poll?

How to Invite Participants from Doodle on Vimeo. After having created a poll you can invite participants so they can vote. Your participants don't need an account to take part in your poll. Invite participa...


Where do I see who I invited to the poll?

If you invited via Doodle (by adding email addresses) you can find the list of invitees when you export the poll as an Excel file. Open the admin link and click on the top menu 'More' and then on 'Export to Ex...


How can I edit a poll e.g. add or remove an option?

Open your poll using Administer or the Admin-Link from your email and click on Edit. Walk through the wizard and make your desired changes. If you add a new option, please be aware of the question marks issue.


How can I edit or delete my answer?

On the poll page, move your mouse pointer over your name. A pencil icon (= Edit) appears. Click on the pencil icon. Now you can edit your participation. Furthermore you now see a trash can icon which you can cl...


How can I add a comment to my poll?

On the poll page, follow the "Add a comment" link, enter your name and your comment, and then click the "Save comment" button.


How do I close a poll and pick a final date?

ABC: Always Be Closing from Doodle on Vimeo. Open your poll from your dashboard or using the admin link and click the 'more' menu at the top of the page. Click 'choose final option.' You'll notice that Doodle ...