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About Doodle


Get started with Doodle

Before you start We are glad to have you on board. Pretty soon you'll be using the most awesome online tool that helps you to find suitable dates and times for group events and meetings – like your next dinn...


What can Doodle be used for?

Doodle is used by more than 25 million happy users a month. Do you wonder what kind of polls they create with Doodle? There are so many opportunities and topics to decide on. Get together with Doodle The mos...


Why is Doodle called "Doodle"?

For starters, "Doodle" is a short word that is easy to remember. Furthermore, "Doodle" sounds fun - and that's what Doodle is supposed to be! Finally, "Doodle" is an English term and means "casual scribble", "c...


How much does Doodle cost?

Nothing, Doodle is a free service. But you can support Doodle by using it as your advertising platform or by buying a Premium Doodle subscription.


How does Doodle earn money?

We sell ads space and offer a premium product called Premium Doodle to corporations and other organizations.


What are the system requirements for Doodle?

All you need is a modern browser and Internet access. We support Microsoft Internet Explorer 10, Apple Safari 6, Google Chrome 25, Mozilla Firefox 19, and Opera 12. Older browsers may work, but we cannot provid...


Why are Internet Explorer 6 and 7 no longer supported?

The new Doodle requires Internet Explorer 8 or above. Internet Explorer 6 and 7 are very old and insecure Browsers. We highly recommend to upgrade Internet Explorer 6 and 7 to a new version. You can download th...