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How to set up automatic reminders

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Automatic reminders are a Premium Doodle feature that can help you gather responses from the people you invited even more efficiently by reminding all invitees that have not participated automatically.

Setting up automatic reminders is easy but requires certain groundwork:
  • First of all you have to be signed in to your Doodle account.
  • Second, you need to create a poll and send out the invitations using Doodle.
    Choose 'Only invited people can participate' at wizard step 4.
invite with Doodle using the tracking function 'who is missing'


If you did all these steps Doodle will ask you if you want to setup automatic reminders 'after' you created the poll. While you cannot select the exact times the reminders are sent out by the system you can usually choose from a list of options. Just check the checkboxes and click on 'Schedule reminders'.
If the first date of the poll is too close to the date when the poll is created, the list of reminders can contain fewer options like shown in the screenshot below.

choosing automatic reminders

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