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Which Premium product is the right one for my company?

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Premium Private is for one user. Premium Business with branding is for 1 to 1000 users. For more than 1000 users we offer Premium Enterprise.

All infos and prices about Premium Doodle on the Premium Doodle landing page.

The amount of users depend on how many people shall be able to create polls. E. g. with an subscription of 5 user, 5 different email addresses (= user) can create polls at a time (a Doodle account is optional).

There is no limit how many polls are created or how many people can participate. Only the amount of users who create polls is limited according to your subscription size.

The number of users can vary. As soon as all polls from one user's email address are deleted the "space"/"spot" is free for another user.  You're then free to add another user.  

The person who buys the Premium subscription is the admin and can set the branding. They're able to restrict who can create polls etc. Check out our Premium example.

You can always upgrade to a bigger subscription in case the amount of users is not sufficient. Your remaining existing subscription will be deducted from the price of your new subscription. You will never pay too much when upgrading.

Try our trial subscription (30 days for free). It has all features like the regular subscription. You can test thoroughly to see if it fits your needs. Try Premium Doodle now

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