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Connect Outlook 2010 via ICS feed

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Note: iCalendar is an IETF standard (RFC 5545) and not to be confused with Apple iCal.
Note: This article explains how to subscribe to and publish iCalendar feeds, not how to export and import iCalendar files, which would be of limited use.


Doodle to Outlook 2010

With your browser, go to and copy the link from the “Doodle calendar feed (ics)” section, e.g.,

Doodle calendar feed (ics)

In Outlook 2010, choose Open Calendar > From the Internet..., paste the link copied above, and click OK.

Outlook 2010: Open Calendar

Internet Calendar subscription

Outlook 2010 to Doodle

With Exchange

If you happen to use Outlook 2010 with Exchange, ask your Exchange administrator for permission and help to publish your calendar(s):

With your browser, go to and for each Exchange calendar that you would like to view within Doodle, click "ICS Feed - Add a URL" and paste its link into the field and click Add. Afterwards, remember to update your MeetMe settings at if you have a MeetMe page.

Without Exchange

As Microsoft discontinued the possibility to publish a calendar on one can't connect Outlook 2010 with Doodle without Exchange.

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