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What is the maximum poll size?

We have a technical limit of 1000 participants and a maximum of 1000 options per poll to make sure our systems always run as smooth as possible. But it is good practice to keep your polls as lean as possible. O...


Why is my poll table folded like an accordion?

Previously, with wide poll tables users often didn't see the options behind the in-page scrollbar. That's why we decided to provide a compact view showing the essentials. When someone participates the table wil...


What are multi-day event polls?

Schedule a multi-day event As requested by our users for a very long time, Doodle supports multi-day events! It’s easy to schedule multi-day events like weekend trips, vacations with friends, conferences, c...


Why can’t I create a multi-day event poll?

Available only in the apps You can create a poll with multi-day options only in the Doodle apps, or in the old Doodle, by now. In the new Doodle web version, it's only possible to participate in polls with m...