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How many participants can max. participate in a poll?

Currently there is a limit of 250 participants per poll, for all free users (with or without an account). For Enterprise or premium users however there is a limit of 1000 participants as the maximum number of p...


What is the maximum poll size?

We have a technical limit of 1000 participants and a maximum of 1000 options per poll to make sure our systems always run as smooth as possible. But it is good practice to keep your polls as lean as possible. O...


Is it possible to use an existing poll as a template?

Yes. Open the admin link of an existing poll and click 'duplicate' in the 'more' menu at the top of the page. Keep in mind that this will only copy the details and the date/time options of the poll. The invite...


Why can’t I create a multi-day event poll?

Available only in the apps You can create a poll with multi-day options only in the Doodle apps, or in the old Doodle, by now. In the new Doodle web version, it's only possible to participate in polls with m...


Can't find "Copy to all"

"Copy to all" feature got a little facelift in the new interface. It is still possible but maybe not as obvious. Same times for all the dates 1. Select multiple dates on the left 2. Add multiple times on...


How do I create a free text poll?

You can use Doodle to create polls that are schedule-based or based on any free text choices you would like. Free text polls (also known as "Make a choice" polls) are easy to set up. Find them on the homepage o...