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How to create a poll?

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Open our website ( and click on 'Schedule an event'. Fill in a title, your name etc. and click on 'Next'. The next step is to set your desired dates and options. Either use the calendar view. Or if you want to specify more than just the date and time use the basic calendar. Here you can specify not only the time but also additional information (e.g. 13:00 Conference Room 1).
If you don't want to set up specific dates, but options such as '1st Monday of the month / 2nd Friday of the month' click 'Free Text '.
With 'Free text' you can also create a poll without dates. For example, to vote which movie should be watched at the weekend or where to go on vacation next time etc.
At wizard step 3 you can, if desired, make additional settings. Just click on 'Settings' and check as desired.
The fourth and last step is to decide whether to send the invitations yourself (choose 'Everyone with a link can participate' and click on 'Finish' at the bottom of the page) or whether to send the invitations via Doodle (fill in the email addresses underneath 'Invite Participants' and click 'Finish' – it is the same 'Finish' button at the bottom).

When inviting with Doodle you can either access your connected address book directly or you type in the email addresses. Typing in the email addresses you need to separate them by comma.
You need to use the following format:

John Doe <>, Jane Doe <>
Inviting via Doodle also lets you track who is still missing and gives your poll a certain protection. Check 'Only invited people can participate' at step 4 and fill in the email addresses of your invitees before clicking 'Finish'. Choosing this option, each participant receives a unique participation link which can only be used once. They cannot be forwarded. No general link exists. You have to invite everyone with Doodle. The advantage is, that you can track easily who is still missing and no uninvited person can participate. In addition, each participant can only edit his own participation but not the participations of others.
The invitation system can't be changed afterwards. If you want to receive a 'general' participation link, choose 'Everyone with a link can participate'.
Your poll is now created.
You will now receive one or two links – depending on using the tracking function (who is missing) or not.
If you have chosen 'Everyone with a link can participate' you will receive two links. The participation link and the admin-link. If you have chosen 'Only invited people can participate' you will only receive the admin-link of the poll.
Copy and note down both. The admin link is needed to edit and close the poll. The participation link needs to be sent to all required participants who shall take part.
Keep your admin link safe, as the poll can only be edited with this link!
The admin link is also the only way to view the results of a hidden poll.

You will receive the links also via email.
When using a free Doodle account and using your account email address, the poll will be saved automatically to your dashboard as well.

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